Footage Emerges of Israeli Soldiers shortly before Being Killed by Own Military – VIDEO

The four soldiers who were killed by the Israeli army in Gaza. (Photo: video grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

It was four soldiers, not three, that Israel killed while claiming that its war on Gaza is largely motivated by the need to rescue those very soldiers.

Israel has said that on December 15, it mistakenly killed three of its own soldiers in the fierce fighting of the Shejaiya neighborhood in Gaza. However, a just-released Qassam video showed that, in fact, three soldiers and one officer were killed by the Israeli military. 

The video shows the soldiers demanding that their government stop the bombardment of Gaza, and release them, along with other soldiers, through a deal with Hamas. 

This is the Al-Qassam statement, which was sent via the group’s Telegram channel, describing their just-released video: 

 “The attached video shows the settler captives Yotam Haim, Samer Talalka, and Alon Shamriz who were killed by occupation soldiers while waving white flags and shouting for help in Hebrew in Shejaiya neighborhood, #Gaza.

“Prior to their deaths, the settlers (a reference to the Israeli soldiers – PC) recorded messages to their families in which they expressed their desire to be freed. They also directed a message to Netanyahu in which they asked him to stop the bombing of Gaza, as they had nearly been bombed multiple times. Finally, they attested that Palestinian Resistance fighters had treated them well throughout their captivity.

“The video opens with text which reads, ‘Their wish was to return alive, but something changed.’ It concludes with text which reads ‘Netanyahu and his racist, extremist government killed them. Time passes and fades’.”

Aside from the three who were admittedly killed by Israel, there was a fourth soldier, referred to in the video as an officer, whose killing was not admitted by Israel. 

The point-blank killing of the soldiers in Shejaiya was part of a greater embarrassment for the Israeli army, whose failed attempt at overtaking Shejaiya resulted in the sidelining and retreat of much of the Golani Brigade, the Israeli army’s top elite force. 

Moreover, according to Israeli officials and media reports, the Israeli captives were killed from point blank range, even though they had stripped naked, waving white flags and shouting in Hebrew that they were Israelis. 

Later, it was also revealed that the third soldier was killed over 15 minutes after the two other soldiers were killed by their own colleagues. 

The killing of the soldiers ignited anger among Israelis, that their military is not only failing to rescue the captives, but is actively killing them as well.

According to Al-Qassam and other Resistance groups in Gaza, dozens of captives have been killed in the ongoing Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip.

Despite all of this, the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu insists that only war can bring Israel’s military captives home. 

(The Palestine Chronicle)

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