Hezbollah Commences Retaliation for Arouri’s Murder with Attack on ‘Meron’ – VIDEO

Scenes from Hezbollah’s attack on Meron. (Photo: video grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

On Friday, the leader of the Lebanese Resistance group Hezbollah had vowed retaliation against Israel for its assassination, on Lebanese soil on January 2, of a top Hamas leader, Saleh al-Arouri, and other leading members of the group. 

The first wave of Hezbollah’s response arrived on Saturday in the form of an unprecedented attack on the Israeli Meron air surveillance military base in northern Israel. 

Hezbollah published this video on its Telegram channel, hours after the attack, with the following text: 

“Video: Scenes from the operation by the Islamic Resistance targeting the “Meron” air surveillance base belonging to the Israeli enemy army in the north of occupied Palestine.


“0:18 – 

Meron Base – YABA 506

– Located about 8 km from the Lebanese border. 

– Its elevation is 1200 meters above sea level.

– The base covers an area of 160,000 square meters.

“0:27 –

– A central hub for administration, monitoring, and air traffic control in the north of the usurping entity.

– Its mission includes organizing, coordinating, and managing air operations towards Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and the northern basin of the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

“0:37 –

– A major center for electronic jamming operations in the northern direction. 

– The base is staffed by numerous elite zionist officers and soldiers.

“0:47 –

– Equipped with long-range surveillance and detection radars.

– Includes a control room for managing reconnaissance drones. 

– Contains a collection of digital communication systems.

“0:58 – A dome for controlling drones.

“1:00 – Domes for long-range radar collection.

“1:02- Antennas for intelligence, guidance, and communication.”

(The Palestine Chronicle)

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