“Wake-Up Call”: Mother of Boeing Crash Victim & Boeing Whistleblower on Latest MAX Jet Disaster

The Federal Aviation Administration has temporarily grounded scores of Boeing 737 MAX 9 jetliners after a fuselage door plug blew off an Alaska Airlines plane midflight near Portland, Oregon, on Friday. The incident forced the plane to make an emergency landing. The National Transportation Safety Board has revealed Alaska Airlines had concerns about the plane prior to the incident but kept flying it. It’s just the latest safety issue plaguing Boeing’s MAX planes, which had two catastrophic crashes in 2018 and 2019 that killed 346 people when faulty flight control systems put the planes into nosedives. “This is a tip of the iceberg type situation,” says aviation expert Ed Pierson, a former senior manager at Boeing who says he left the company over its “unacceptable” business practices that prioritize production over safety. We also speak with Nadia Milleron, whose daughter Samya Rose Stumo was among those killed in the 2019 crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302. “There are serious, serious problems with these MAX planes,” says Milleron. “A lot of them are manufacturing problems, and Boeing is trying to evade safety regulations.”

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