China Urges Israel-Palestine Peace Conference, Road Map

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. (Photo: Kremlin, via Wikimedia Commons)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

China has called for a more authoritative and effective Israel-Palestine peace conference and road map to implement a two-state solution, as Tel Aviv’s assault on the Gaza Strip continues.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, China’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, said the international community should “listen” carefully to the legitimate concerns in the Middle East, the Middle East Monitor reported.

“China calls for the convening of a larger-scale, more authoritative and more effective international peace conference, the formulation of a specific timetable and road map for the implementation of the ‘two-state solution’, and support for the prompt resumption of Israel-Palestinian peace talks,” Wang said, as quoted by Reuters news agency.

His comments came after meetings with his Egyptian counterpart, Sameh Shoukry, in Cairo.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson reportedly said on Monday that the road map needed to be “binding”. 

“As for the timing and venue of the conference and where it will be hosted, I think it needs to be determined by all parties through consultation,” Mao Ning said at a regular news conference in Beijing, MEMO reported.

“China also welcomes the active role of the United Nations in this regard,” she said.

China’s top diplomat also on Sunday held talks with the secretary-general of the Arab League on the Gaza conflict and expressed concerns over the Red Sea.

“Influential countries, in particular, need to play an objective, impartial and constructive role in this regard,” the two diplomats said in a joint statement released on Monday by the Chinese foreign ministry.

Last week, Wang said President Xi Jinping had “in-depth communication” with the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Iran to persuade them to let go of past grievances, according to MEMO. He reportedly added that their restoration of ties in 2023 had set off a “wave of reconciliation” across the Middle East.

Wang is currently traveling through Egypt, Tunisia, Togo, and the Ivory Coast until Thursday.


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