Palestinian Killed as Israeli Forces Invade Tulkarm for Second Day in a Row

Mohammad Faisal Dawas, 28, was killed by Israeli occupation forces in Tulkarm. (Photo: via WAFA)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

For the second day in a row, Israeli occupation forces raided the city of Tulkarm and its two refugee camps, killing a Palestinian man.

A young Palestinian man was killed on Thursday by Israeli occupation forces in the ongoing aggression against Tulkarm and its adjacent refugee camps for the second day in a row, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

Additionally, a house was blown up by the Israeli forces, who also destroyed infrastructure and severely beat a number of civilians.

The Martyr Thabet Thabet Governmental Hospital announced on Thursday that Mohammad Faisal Dawas, 28, died after being shot by an Israeli occupation sniper in the Nur Shams camp, east of Tulkarm.

Eyewitnesses told WAFA that Israeli occupation forces blew up a house belonging to Omar Hussein Amara, in the Tulkarm camp, after forcing its residents to leave. 

Bulldozers and Reinforcements

According to WAFA, Israeli forces, accompanied by military bulldozers, stormed the Al-Manshiya neighborhood in the Nur Shams camp, and began bulldozing and vandalizing infrastructure, also demolishing a house belonging to Abu Youssef Shehadeh. 

Confrontations reportedly erupted between local Resistance fighters and invading Israeli forces. The sounds of huge successive explosions were heard in the area.

WAFA reported that the occupation forces pushed military reinforcements towards Tulkarm camp, from the western entrances of the city.

They also deployed large numbers of infantry soldiers inside its alleys and neighborhoods, while storming and searching Palestinian homes, harassing their owners, and converting some of them into military points and interrogation centers.

The raids also affected shops and public facilities, including the Al-Salam Mosque, which was stormed and vandalized. Additionally, the Abu Ghazala family home, in the Al-Akasha neighborhood, was burned.

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Mass Detention Campaign

Hundreds of citizens, including 16-year-old children, were detained by Israeli occupation forces, who took them to field investigation centers they set in homes inside and outside the camp.

A number of civilians, who were later released, told WAFA that the occupation soldiers assaulted them, severely beat them, abused them, and threatened them. 

They were detained for long hours, transferred from one place to another, and then released in distant places, specifically at crossings and military checkpoints.

They added that several people were transferred to the Martyr Thabet Thabet Governmental Hospital following their release due to severe beatings by the occupation soldiers.

The ongoing storming of Tulkarm and its camps was accompanied by overflights of Israeli drones at low altitude.

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(The Palestine Chronicle)

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