Hezbollah can launch about 1,000 missiles at ‘Tel Aviv’: Israeli media

Israeli media reports that Hezbollah can launch approximately 1,000 missiles at ‘Tel Aviv’ within a span of just two hours. Among these missiles, some are expected to be precision targets, while others may target skyscrapers within the city.

  • A picture of what appears to be a resistance missile silo in an undisclosed location, undated image. (Resistance Media)

Israeli media has reported that Hezbollah possesses the capability to launch approximately a thousand missiles at ‘Tel Aviv’ within a two-hour operational window. The report suggests that some of these missiles will be precision-guided, while others will be directed toward the skyscrapers in ‘Tel Aviv’.

However, the report refrained from discussing potential targets adjacent to these towers, which Hezbollah has identified as “targets in the next war,” according to their statement.

Yesterday, Israeli officials admitted that the Lebanese resistance, Hezbollah, has succeeded in emptying the settlements in northern occupied Palestine without the use of any force. According to the officials, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) commander of the northern region has received instructions not to escalate confrontations with the Lebanese resistance.

Al Mayadeen‘s correspondent reported that several heavy missiles were launched from Lebanon in the late hours of Friday, hitting at least five Israeli occupation military sites, including barracks and gathering, in the occupied Western al-Jalil in Palestine in less than two hours.

In a related context, a former Shin Bet official Dvir Karev told Israeli Channel 13 that “Israel” is currently in its third war with Lebanon and that Hezbollah has much more power than Hamas, both in weapons and in force. He questioned whether the IOF’s power could be sufficient against Hezbollah and expressed hope that the confrontations would remain at a low level, acknowledging the many Israeli casualties.

As for the Chairman of the Israeli pilots union, Meidan Barr, he pointed out that there was a “developed military industry in the Middle East,” adding  “Who would have believed that they would develop missiles in Gaza and the West Bank?” Barr described the published footage by Hezbollah as frightening, considering Hezbollah has missiles “like Burkan.”

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