Six Israeli soldiers injured in Gaza, pushing number past 1,200

Israeli occupation forces have said that six troops have been injured in the Gaza Strip in the last 24 hours.

  • An Israeli occupation rescue team transports a wounded soldier to a hospital in Bir al-Sabea, in occupied Palestine, on December 24, 2014 (AP) 

Six soldiers were wounded in the Gaza Strip over the past 24 hours, which has raised the number of wounded Israeli soldiers to 1,276 since “Israel” launched its ground invasion of the Gaza Strip in late October 2024.

The Israeli occupation’s military also announced that 388 soldiers are currently hospitalized after being wounded in the Gaza Strip, including 39 of which have been dealt serious injuries, 240 of whom are moderately injured, and 109 of whom are slightly injured.

Last week, the Israeli Ministry of Health said that 4,629 settlers and soldiers have been injured since October 7, however, the ministry’s numbers have been contradicted on multiple occasions by investigations launched by Israeli media outlets, who say that authorities are underreporting the number of casualties.

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Underreporting casualties: A mainstay of Israeli authorities

According to Ynet, around 13,572 Israeli occupation soldiers and settlers have actually been transported to hospitals since the launch of Operation Al Aqsa Flood. This number included those injured in the war on Gaza and at the Northern Front with Lebanon.

The Israeli occupation’s Health Ministry further claimed that as of Monday, around 233 occupation soldiers are currently receiving treatment in hospitals, 48 of whom are said to be seriously injured.

In a similar content, at least 12,500 Israeli occupation soldiers will be added to the list of disabled troops, according to another report conducted by Ynet.

Such numbers were described by Ynet as markers of “a national event of a historical magnitude,” which the occupation has not known since its inception.

Numbers on the Northern Front have been especially underreported, while attacks conducted by several other parties of the Axis of Resistance have gone completely unacknowledged by Israeli occupation authorities, including those launched by the Yemeni Armed Forces and the Islamic Resistance in Iraq.

Censoring information regarding security events and the casualties that came as a result of these actions, have been a recurring theme of Israeli authorities; a common practice that is seen as a form of psychological warfare, aimed at diminishing the effects of resistance.

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