‘Israel’ hands over bodies of 100 martyrs after stealing their organs

Once again, the Israeli occupation military hands over the bodies of martyrs after stealing vital organs from some of them.

  • Palestinians inspect damaged graves following an Israeli tank raid over a cemetery in Khan Younis refugee camp, southern Gaza Strip, Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2024 (AP Photo/Mohammed Dahman)

After stealing organs from some of them, the Israeli occupation handed over the bodies of martyrs that were stolen from hospitals and cemeteries in the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian news agency WAFA reported that the bodies of 100 martyrs were buried in a mass grave in Rafah. The Israeli occupation had stolen them from various areas in the Gaza Strip and handed them over on Tuesday morning through the “Kerem Shalom” crossing.

The agency cited medical sources as saying that the examination of the bodies revealed that the occupation had stolen organs from some of them.

In late December, the Government Media Office in Gaza revealed that the Israeli occupation forces handed over the mutilated bodies of 80 martyrs after stealing their organs, adding that the bodies were unidentified and the occupation refused to specify the names of these martyrs or the places from which they were stolen.

The occupation repeated the crime of stealing organs more than once during its real-time genocidal war, as per a statement by the Office.

It was highlighted that the Israeli occupation forces have been involved in a grave crime, specifically the kidnapping of the bodies of Palestinian martyrs and the theft of their vital organs.

The statement further pointed out that “Israel” had previously engaged in desecrating graves in Jabalia, underscoring that “Israel” continues to retain possession of numerous martyrs’ bodies from the Gaza Strip.

It strongly emphasized that this heinous crime is just one in a series of atrocities committed by the Israeli occupation army, particularly following the green light given by the United States to kill civilians, including children and women.

The office, in its statement, called for the formation of a completely independent international investigation committee to probe the Israeli army’s seizure of martyrs’ bodies and the theft of their vital organs.

It also expressed deep shock at international organizations’ “eerie silence”, most notably the International Red Cross operating in the Gaza Strip. The statement also criticized these organizations for their feeble, secondary, and confused positions, emphasizing that they fall far short of the humanitarian and ethical standpoint required in the face of such heinous crimes committed by “Israel”.

On January 6, the office reported that Israeli occupation forces exhumed around 1,100 graves in the al-Tuffah neighborhood cemetery east of Gaza City.

It confirmed that after digging up the graves and destroying the cemetery, the occupation forces stole approximately 150 bodies of recently buried martyrs and transported them to an unknown location.

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