Hezbollah targets IOF gathering in ‘Tel Tayhat’

The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon continues to conduct operations along the Lebanese border, triggering widespread chaos in northern ‘Israel’.

  • Hezbollah Resistance fighters during a public exercise in Aramta village in Jezzine district, southern Lebanon, on May 21, 2022 (AFP)

The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon- Hezbollah- continues to conduct military operations against the Israeli occupation enemy as the front along the Lebanese-occupied Palestinian border intensifies.

Earlier today, Hezbollah announced the targeting of Israeli occupation forces in the “Tel Tayhat”  with rockets, resulting in direct hits. Concurrently, Israeli media confirmed the launching of missiles from Lebanon toward the al-Manara settlement in the occupied Upper al-Jalil.

David Azoulay, the head of the “Metulla” settlement council, publicly announced today that 130 settler housing units in “Metulla”, out of 650, have been damaged since Hezbollah’s operations began in the north, as per Israeli media outlets.

During an interview with Israeli Channel 12, Azoulay stated, “There are entire streets in Metula that cannot be entered or walked through during the day for fear of Hezbollah rockets.” He further mentioned, “Government ministries mistreat us on a personal level.”

Simultaneously, Israeli media confirmed the launching of missiles from Lebanon toward the al-Manara settlement in the occupied Upper al-Jalil.

Days ago, Israeli officials admitted that the Lebanese resistance succeeded in emptying the settlements in northern occupied Palestine without the use of any force.

Israeli forces failed, Hezbollah undeterred: Israeli ‘Metula’ chief

David Azoulai has recently called on the Israeli government and the Israeli occupation forces to “act militarily” in Lebanon, as per Israeli Channel 14.

Last November, he said: “We are still behaving in the lax policy before October 7; we must showcase our strength.” 

“The whole world is watching, including the surrounding Arab states,” he added.

At the time, Azoulai underlined that he was constantly hearing that the Israeli occupation managed to deter Hezbollah, which he denied, by stressing that it was “Israel” instead that was deterred.

“It’s important to understand this. Whoever wants to come and see how deterred the state of Israel is and how undeterred Hezbollah is can come to Metulla,” he said. 

“We’ve been seeing them again on the borders for the past three days now,” the Israeli official added.

According to Azoulai, he had a meeting with the Chief of Staff of the Israeli occupation forces and threw in his face the fact that the relationship of trust between settlers and the IOF was damaged. 

“All day long, I hear excuses like ‘What will the Americans, Europeans, the Arab League, the Russians, the Syrians, and Hezbollah say?’ I haven’t heard anyone say, ‘What will the Israelis say?’ Where is the interest of the Israelis?” he wondered, accusing the government of having abandoned the North.

Azoulai added that the settlers of “Metulla” “took the opportunity to return home”, taking advantage of Hezbollah’s decision to cease hostilities in the north – in conjunction with the ceasefire in Gaza to go back.

For the first time, the Israelis “saw all the damage caused to the houses […] It’s disappointing to see the settlement like this as the situation is still the same as it was before October 7 on the other side,” the settlement chief said.

Concurrently, Avichai Stern, the mayor of “Kiryat Shmona”, urged Israeli settlers not to return to the settlement, Israeli media reported. Stern stressed, in a message to the settlers in northern occupied Palestine, that they should not come back as long as the situation on the borders with Lebanon remained unchanged.

The media pointed out that northern settlements have been emptied of Israeli settlers, noting that it is doubtful whether the settlers will be able to return to the area within a year or more.

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