Gaza death toll close to 27,000 as Israeli siege tightens on hospitals

Israeli shelling has again targeted the Nasser Hospital, which has been besieged for days, Al Mayadeen’s correspondent reported.

  • Medics transport wounded children into al-Shifa hospital following Israeli strikes in Gaza City on October 10, 2023. (AFP)

On the 118th day of Israeli aggression on Gaza, numerous Palestinians were killed and several others sustained injuries.
Local Palestinian media outlets reported that the western region of Gaza City, including the Remal neighborhood and Tal al-Hawa, witnessed Israeli invading forces launching missiles, gunfire, and shelling, resulting in casualties.

Concurrently, ambulances faced challenges reaching the affected areas to transport the injured to al-Shifa Hospital. In addition, casualties occurred when Israeli warplanes targeted two houses in al-Zeitoun neighborhood.

Another house in the center of the Gaza Strip was bombed, leading to more civilian deaths. The city of Deir el-Balah also experienced Israeli bombing, resulting in one Palestinian martyr and several injuries. Furthermore, the al-Amal neighborhood and the vicinity of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society have been under continuous Israeli shelling for the past eleven days. Meanwhile, Israeli occupation forces have engaged in shooting incidents along coastal areas.

In the central Gaza Strip, Al Mayadeen‘s correspondent reported the killing of one Palestinian and the injury of several others due to an Israeli attack on the Salah Association in Palm Street in Deir al-Balah. The correspondent further explained that the Israeli shelling is concentrated in the areas of Bureij, al-Maghazi, and al-Nusairat.

‘Israel’ continues to besiege Palestinian hospitals 

In the southern Gaza Strip, Israeli artillery shelling continues on the al-Amal neighborhood and the vicinity of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society west of Khan Younis.

In the early morning hours, 22 martyrs were transferred to Nasser Medical Center in Khan Younis after a partial withdrawal of Israeli vehicles from the vicinity of the city’s camp.

In a related context, Israeli invading forces stormed the headquarters of the Palestinian Red Crescent in Khan Younis for the third time, firing around al-Amal Hospital, as per the Palestinian Red Crescent.

Our correspondent reported that Israeli invading forces withdrew from the vicinity of al-Amal Hospital west of Khan Younis under intense confrontations with the Palestinian Resistance.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Health in Gaza released the latest death toll in the Gaza Strip, on Wednesday, January 31, 2023.

The Ministry confirmed that the Israeli occupation has killed 26,900 Palestinians, and injured 65,949 others since it launched its aggression on the Gaza Strip. Moreover, it added the Israeli occupation committed 16 massacres against Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip in only 24 hours, killing 150 and injuring 313.

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