Iraqi Resistance targets Israeli-occupied port of Haifa with drones

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq reaffirms its commitment to continue “targeting the enemy’s strongholds.”

  • Commercial ships and an Israeli naval vessel are seen in the port city of Haifa, along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea on December 21, 2023. (NurPhoto via AFP)

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq announced that its fighters targeted on Thursday the Israeli-occupied port of Haifa in Palestine using drones.

In a brief statement, the Iraqi Resistance said that the operation comes in continuation of its approach to resisting occupation and in support of the Palestinian people in Gaza, and in response to the massacres committed by the Israeli occupation entity against Palestinian civilians.

The statement reaffirmed the Islamic Resistance’s “commitment to continue targeting the enemy’s strongholds.”

The latest operation carried out by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq comes a couple of days after the Secretary-General of the Iraqi Kataib Hezbollah, Abu Hussein al-Hamidawi, announced that the group has suspended its operations against US forces in Syria and Iraq so as to not go against the wishes of the Iraqi government.

Later, the Iraqi Prime Minister’s Advisor for Foreign Affairs, Farhad Alaadin, indicated that the Iraqi Kataib Hezbollah’s decision came in the wake of days of extensive talks with premier Mohammad Shia al-Sudani regarding the issue.

But one week ago, the Secretary-General of the Iraqi Kataib Sayyid al-Shuhada, Abu Alaa al-Walai announced in a post on X that the Iraqi Resistance had transited to the second phase of its operations in which it will work on enforcing blockading Mediterranean maritime routes to the Israeli-occupied ports in occupied Palestine.

Al-Walai explained that the second phase of operations would include the enforcement of a blockade on “Zionist maritime navigation in the Mediterranean” and “putting [Israeli] ports out of service.”

The Iraqi Resistance has proved that it has the capabilities to target Israeli occupation ports located on the Mediterranean coast. It has also launched multiple attacks on the Israeli sites in the occupied Syrian Golan and the occupied port town of Um al-Rashrash or “Eilat”, as referred to by Israelis.

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