Poll shows most Israelis believe in ethnic cleansing of Gaza

The Channel 13 poll, regarding the management of the war in Gaza, indicated that 40% of Israelis believe the war was not going in the right direction.

  • A fireball erupts during Israeli bombardment in the northern Gaza Strip on October 14, 2023 (AFP)

According to a poll by Israeli Channel 13, only 40% of Israelis polled believe that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have made serious progress in Gaza. 

The poll, regarding the management of the war in Gaza, indicated that an equal percentage of Israelis believe the war was not going in the right direction.

After 119 days of the massacre in Gaza, 58% of respondents to not trust Benjamin Netanyahu’s management of the war, compared to 30% who said they do trust Netanyahu, and 12% had no answer about the current prime minister. 

Regarding Benny Gantz, 49% believe that Benny Gantz should not leave the government, compared to 24% who believe that he should leave it.

A majority of the respondents, 70%, believe that trucks carrying basic aid to Gaza should be prevented from entering Gaza, compared to only 20% who believe they should not be prevented. Only 10% of Israelis were indifferent to the situation.

Regarding the return of Palestinians to Gaza, 51% of respondents are against the return of Palestinians to Gaza while 31% do not oppose it. 

In an interview with Israeli news broadcaster Channel 12, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Brig. Gen. Avigdor Kahlani said that the regime is presently living through its toughest times since its inception and that every settler is called to have “nerves of steel, for without that we won’t last for too long.”

Kahlani, who also served as Israeli Minister of Internal Security, stated that “Israel’s strategic goal has still not been achieved,” noting that war with Lebanon “will not be easy” and that this fact should never be taken for granted. 

Touching upon Israelis’ evacuation from northern settlements, Kahlani estimated that about 80,000 settlers “are not planning to return until we address the lingering problem there,” adding that “Israel must bring them all back.”

In light of these circumstances, Israeli media acknowledged a significant decline in the regime’s deterrence capabilities, especially considering the series of failures on the northern frontlines. These deficiencies had already become apparent since the July 2006 war and became even more pronounced with the outbreak of the war in Gaza last year. 

Dozens of Israelis protest, demand Netanyahu’s removal

According to Israeli Wallah! news, Dozens of Israelis, including families of Israeli captives, protested on Saturday outside the Israeli prime minister’s home in occupied Qisarya, urging him not to “miss an opportunity” to bring back the captives.

The protesters held up photos of the 136 captives still in Gaza, demanding the Israeli government bring them back. 

According to Israeli army radio, settlers blocked traffic and confronted the police while calling for urgent elections and the removal of Netanyahu as they protested in “Rehovot” and “Tel Aviv.”

Israeli media reported that several settlers were arrested during the protests while demanding a captive exchange with the Palestinian resistance.

Last week, a group of 20 Israeli settler protesters stormed the Knesset Finance Committee meeting in occupied al-Quds amid growing outrage over Benjamin Netanyahu’s refusal to agree to take on a deal on a ceasefire and the release of Israeli captives. The settlers demanded action from occupation lawmakers to assist in releasing their family members being held as captives.

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