US Federal judge: Israeli actions may amount to genocide

Approval of the Biden administration’s involvement in the genocide is gradually decreasing as only 31% of US adults approve of Biden’s actions.

  • Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., left, speaks to President Joe Biden following the National Prayer Breakfast on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Feb. 1, 2024 (AP)

A federal district judge in California dismissed Wednesday a lawsuit that was filed seeking to compel the Biden administration to do everything possible to stop “Israel” from destroying Gaza.

According to PBS, although US District Judge Jeffrey White criticized the government and suggested “Israel” was committing genocide, he stated that he did not have jurisdiction over the case, and he called the case the “most difficult” he has ever faced.

After hearing testimonies last Friday, White declined to impose a preliminary injunction and dismissed the lawsuit. However, he criticized the administration, adding, “There are rare cases in which the preferred outcome is inaccessible to the Court.” “This is one of those cases.”

US support for “Israel” leads to more aggression in Gaza

He agreed that Israeli actions may amount to genocide and urged the current administration to “examine the results of their unflagging support of the military siege against the Palestinians in Gaza.”

The lawsuit was filed by 77 groups, representing tens of thousands of lawyers and civil society leaders globally. These groups include Palestinian human rights organizations, US citizens impacted by “Israel’s” aggression, and residents of Gaza. 

Furthermore, the suit outlines genocidal expressions by Israeli officials, including Security Minister Yoav Gallant ordering a complete Gaza siege, stating, “There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel, everything is closed.” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cited a biblical verse to justify killing Palestinians, and instances of Israeli officials inciting genocide are documented.

The case requested an injunction directing President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to “adhere to their duty to prevent, and not further, the unfolding genocide of Palestinian people in Gaza.”

The case urged the court to rule that they had broken their duty to prevent genocide and not be involved in its commission. It urged urgent assistance, including an order to the president and other US authorities to use their power to persuade “Israel” to cease bombing Gaza, relieve the blockade, and stop supporting or enabling the transfer of weapons to the occupation.

It also sought the court to order the defendants from blocking efforts to achieve a ceasefire as they did in a UN resolution in December.

US government branches have broad control over foreign policy, according to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which determined when the family of US college student Rachel Corrie attempted to prosecute US bulldozer manufacturer Caterpillar for supporting Israeli war crimes. Corrie was killed in 2003 while attempting to halt the destruction of a house in Gaza.

Biden has lost support of half of US adults

Furthermore, a new poll from The Associated Press- NORC Center for Public Affairs Research revealed that half of US adults say that the Israeli genocide in Gaza has “gone too far” as a result of mainly growing disapproval among Republicans and political independents.

In the wider sense, the poll shows support for “Israel” and the Biden administration’s involvement in the genocide is gradually decreasing as only 31% of US adults approve of Biden’s actions regarding the genocide, including just 46% of Democrats in contrast with the previous support for “Israel’ after October 7. 

Melissa Morales, a 36-year-old political independent in Runnemede, New Jersey, shared that she watches videos and news from Gaza daily, and witnessing images of Palestinian children wounded, orphaned, or unhoused due to the Israeli genocide in Gaza makes her mind go to her 3-year-old boy.

“I just can’t even imagine, like, my son roaming the streets, wanting to be safe. Wanting his mom. Or just wanting someone to get him,” she expressed. She added that the Israeli crimes have gone too far as well as the Biden administration’s support of the latter as he has been continuously and deliberately supporting “Israel” since October 7. Even though the Biden administration has been claiming that it’s pressing “Israel” to reduce its murder of Palestinians and allow humanitarian aid, it has shown nothing but increasing support for the IOF amid the rising death toll exceeding 27,000 martyrs. 

Genocide Joe: Biden’s latest nickname

While Joe Biden attacked Donald Trump over the key election issue of abortion rights on January 23, the current US President was interrupted by pro-Palestinian protesters demanding a ceasefire and an end to the Israeli genocide in Gaza.

Protesters yelled “Genocide Joe has to go,” interrupting him at least 10 times as he spoke in a Manassas, Virginia, rally which marked his first public campaigning event in the new year, alongside Vice President Kamala Harris.

Biden struggled to begin and proceed with his speech but managed to throw in a remark, as he dismissed demonstrators, saying, “This is going to go on for a while. They’ve got this planned.”

Pro-Palestinian activists held up the Palestinian flag and a banner calling for a ceasefire but were eventually forced out of the rally. 

The rally itself was supposed to discuss abortion rights and legitimacy, but the disruption evinced a more profound issue affecting the elections; the Palestinian cause and the genocide in Gaza.

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