Hezbollah says US strikes on Syria, Iraq aggravating regional conflict

Lebanese Hezbollah issues a statement condemning the US airstrikes on Syria and Iran as aggravating regional hostilities and tensions.

  • Iraqis attend the funeral of a fighter with the Kataib Hezbollah, who was killed in a US airstrike, in Baghdad, Iraq, January 25, 2024 (AP)

Hezbollah issued a statement on Saturday in which it strongly condemned the “blatant American aggression against Iraq and Syria, which targeted several areas in the two brotherly countries, and led to several martyrs and injuries.”

“What the United States has done is a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of the two countries, an aggression against their security and territorial integrity, and a brazen violation of all international and humanitarian laws,” the statement added.

These airstrikes contribute to the destabilizing of the region and add to the insubstantial justifications and pretexts “for the continued American occupation of several areas in Iraq and Syria against the will of their peoples, who are eager for freedom and independence.”

The statement saw that the American aggression against Iraq, Syria, and Yemen “reveals the lie of the American claims of not wanting to expand the conflict in the region […] to the contrary, it contributes to fueling the conflict and tension and aggravating the wars in the region.”

Hezbollah’s statement expressed the belief that “this criminal aggression pushes the Iraqi and Syrian peoples to adhere to the path of resistance to liberate their countries from the US occupation,” and to “continue to support and back the oppressed Gaza Strip until the Zionist aggression and its crimes are stopped.”

Al-Nujaba pledges more ops

 The Iraqi al-Nujaba Resistance movement on Saturday condemned the US aggression on Iraq, saying the airstrikes were “yet another violation by the US occupation forces of Iraq’s sovereignty and dignity, which martyred dozens of Iraqis.”

“Let the US occupation and its sinister administration know that the Islamic Resistance will respond appropriately in the time and place it sees fit,” al-Nujaba stressed,

The Iraqi movement went on to underline that it yielded surprises that would “harrow our enemies and delight our allies. We will not capitulate or back down.”

Following the United States’ wide aggression on areas in Iraq and Syria late Saturday, the Security and Defense Committee in the Iraqi parliament said that the US-led coalition forces present in the country are “destabilizing the situation,” and called on the government to expedite the reaching of an agreement on their withdrawal.

According to CENTCOM, US forces struck more than 85 targets in Iraq and Syria with numerous aircraft, including long-range bombers that were said to have taken off from the United States.

In Syria, the attacks led to the killing of several civilians and soldiers, injuring others, as well as causing significant material damage, as per a Syrian military statement.

Meanwhile, the strikes in Iraq resulted in the martyrdom of 16 people, including Iraqi soldiers and civilians.

Iraq government: US forces a source of instability

Separately, the Iraqi government issued a statement warning that the recent US attacks “place the security of Iraq and the region on the brink of the abyss, and contradicts efforts to consolidate stability.”

“The presence of the international coalition, which has deviated from its assigned tasks and the mandate given to it, has become a cause for security threats and instability in our country, and is involving Iraq in regional and international conflicts.”

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Furthermore, it accused “the US of engaging in deception and distorting facts by claiming prior coordination [with Baghdad] before committing this aggression,” labeling it a “false claim” aimed at “misleading the international public opinion and shirking legal responsibility for this unacceptable crime.”

The government pledged to “exert all efforts required by national responsibility to protect the land of Iraq and the lives of its sons in the armed forces across all its branches.”

Finally, it reiterated Iraq’s refusal to be a “ground [for parties] to settle [their] scores.”

The US attacks came in response to a Resistance operation that killed three US soldiers and wounded over 40 others in Jordan as regional escalations, the root cause of which are the US and its interventionist policies, in addition to its staunch ally, the Israeli occupation.

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