Hezbollah targets several Israeli military sites, settlements

The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon says it attacked several Israeli settlements and military sites in northern occupied Palestine and occupied southern Lebanon.

  • A screen grab from one of the videos posted by the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon’s Military Media depicting the launch of an ATGM at an Israeli military site (Military Media)

The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon – Hezbollah, announced Saturday that its fighters attacked the al-Summaqa and al-Ramtha military sites in the occupied Lebanese Shabaa Farms with missiles, adding that casualties could be confirmed.

Hezbollah also revealed that it attacked the settlement of “Even Menachem,” as well as the Israeli occupation forces’ positions in the settlement of “Yero’on”.

Another operation targeted an occupation soldiers’ assembly point at the “Cobra Hill”, which was carried out with precision missiles that hit their targets accurately and led to numerous casualties.

Israeli media reported damage to cars in a parking lot in “Even Menachem” in western al-Jalil due to projectiles launched from Lebanon.

An Al Mayadeen correspondent in southern Lebanon reported that Israeli artillery shelling targeted the outskirts of the towns of Khiam, Rashaya al-Fakhar, Kfar Hamam, and the outskirts of Naqoura, Alma al-Shab, and al-Dhayrah.

Earlier on Saturday, Hezbollah announced that its fighters attacked the “Khurba Maar” base in support of the resilient Palestinian people in Gaza and in solidarity with their resistance.

The Israeli occupation carried out an airstrike from a drone targeting the outskirts of the town of Shebaa. Additionally, the occupation forces shelled the outskirts of the town of Rashaya al-Fakhar with artillery weapons.

The Israeli artillery also attacked the outskirts of the town of Alma al-Shaab, while the Israeli air force launched phosphorus shells at the town of al-Dhayrah.

The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon announced Friday that it twice attacked the Ruwaisat Al-Alam site on the occupied Lebanese-Palestinian border area in a multi-step operation.

Hezbollah issued two statements, the first one saying that its fighters targeted the site with missiles, hitting the target accurately in the area between the Kfar Shuba hills and the occupied Shebaa Farms. The second statement said its fighters attacked the Israeli site once more when the Israeli soldiers mobilized at the same site to inspect the damages.

The resistance stressed that the two attacks were carried out in support of the steadfast Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and in support of the Palestinian resistance. Within this framework, the resistance in Lebanon has since October 8 been attacking Israeli military and reconnaissance sites, barracks, and assembly points along the border area with occupied Palestine.

Hezbollah later issued a statement saying they carried out another operation against the Israeli occupation, saying that in support of the steadfast people in Gaza and in response to the Israeli airstrikes on southern Lebanon, the Resistance fighters attacked a building in the “Avivim” settlement with confirmed casualties.

The operations that Hezbollah is carrying out against the Israeli occupation forces have proven to be highly detrimental to “Israel”.

Israeli reports disclosed that as of Thursday, around 512 settler housing units and structures suffered damage from Hezbollah’s rockets since October 7th, with the extent of the damage ranging from partial to complete destruction.

Breaking down the details, Israeli media outlined that the impact affected 131 settler housing units in “Metulla,” 43 settler housing units in “Kiryat Shmona,” 121 homes in al-Manara, 9 settler housing units in al-Malkiya, 11 settler housing units in “Avivim,” 25 settler housing units in “Zar’it”, 37 settler housing units in “Shtula,” 5 settler housing units in “Hanita,” and 130 settler housing units in “Shlomi.”

Similarly, Israeli media reported that 50 settler housing units were affected last Saturday following the use of Burkan-type rockets by Hezbollah.

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