No Palestinians Will Be Killed in Malaysia – Prime Minister

Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. (Image: Palestine Chronicle)

Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim confirmed yesterday that he discussed with Egyptian officials ways to bring aid into Gaza through the Rafah crossing. 

Ibrahim stressed the need for the focus to be on the humanitarian tragedy that Palestinians are experiencing in the Gaza Strip and not on relations with Hamas.

Commenting on Yemen’s Ansarallah Houthi attacks in the Red Sea, Ibrahim added in statements to Al Jazeera that the problem did not begin with the operations launched by the Yemeni group but rather with the Israeli aggression against Gaza.

The Malaysian official affirmed that the security services in his country are at the highest level of caution in anticipation of any assassination operations of Palestinians, emphasizing that his country will not tolerate any attempt to kill Palestinians on its territory.

Supporting Gaza

In December 2023, Malaysia announced in a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office that it banned ships carrying the Israeli flag and prevented ships heading to Israel from loading goods at ports.

It explained that these measures come: “In response to Israel’s actions that ignore the basic principles of humanity and violate international law by continuing to commit massacres and atrocities against the Palestinians.”

In his last statement, the Malaysian prime minister praised South Africa’s lawsuit against the occupation in the International Court of Justice (ICJ), attesting his country’s full support for the step.

Malaysia strongly affirms its position in full support of South Africa’s work at the International Court of Justice to oppose tyranny and support justice,” Ibrahim said. 

The prime minister of Malaysia criticized Western countries for ignoring and continuing their silence regarding the “atrocities committed by the Israeli occupation in Palestine since October 7, 2023.”

Western Complicity 

Earlier, Ibrahim also posted a statement on X, stating, 

“The Western countries continue to turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed by Israel, becoming effectively complicit in the insidious acts of crimes against humanity. To date, since October 7th, Israel has murdered 24,100 innocent lives with utter impunity even as the vast majority of the international community have vehemently condemned its vile and genocidal acts.”

In fact, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health as of today more than 27 thousand Palestinians have been killed, thousands more are missing and over 65,000 Palestinians were wounded in the Israeli war.

“This recent spate of brutal slaughter of innocent Palestinians is but a mere extension of a protracted seven decades of oppression and tyranny, clearly manifesting the hatred, revulsion and antagonism of the Israeli regime towards the Palestinian people,” the Malaysia leader said. 


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