Palestinian Resistance confronts IOF raids and attacks in West Bank

As the IOF continues their raids and detention campaign in the West Bank, the Palestinian Resistance confronts them with gunfire and IEDs.

  • Palestinian women gather around the body of Muhammad Jalamneh, in the morgue of Ibn Sina Hospital after he was killed in an Israeli military raid in the West Bank town of Jenin, Tuesday, January 30, 2024. (AP)

At dawn today, Israeli occupation forces stormed towns and cities in the West Bank, launching a search and detention campaign.

The IOF stormed the Dheisheh camp in Beit Lahm and the villages of Beit Tamar and al-Arouj for an extended period lasting hours, raiding and vandalizing Palestinian homes, and detaining several Palestinians.

Many IOF vehicles and a bulldozer stormed the Balata refugee camp in Nablus, triggering confrontations with the Palestinian resistance in violent clashes as the IOF was targeted during its attack with high-explosive devices, according to an Al Mayadeen source.

In addition, the IOF stormed Tubas in the northern West Bank with several vehicles, according to local sources, deploying its troops in several neighborhoods and raiding several Palestinian homes. In Tubas and several other areas in the city, the IOF also planted snipers on rooftops and fired live bullets and stun grenades amid the violent confrontations.

Palestinian media reported that in Jenin, two young men from the town of Yaabad were transferred to the hospital due to severe assault by the IOF during their detention last night.

IOF attacks other West Bank areas

Israeli occupation forces stormed on Friday several cities and towns in the occupied West Bank, raiding homes and detaining several Palestinians.

The village of Baqa al-Hatab, east of the city of Qalqilya, was at the center of the aggression, seeing 11 Palestinians being detained and homes broken into and vandalized.

According to Palestinian sources, Israeli forces conducted on-site interrogations with Palestinians during their incursion into the village.

Additionally, other northern cities of the West Bank witnessed IOF incursions, including Nablus and Jenin, journalist sources told Al Mayadeen.

Qalqilya was the most targeted area this week, where Palestinians engaged in heavy confrontations with occupation forces storming the city.

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