Yemen kicks off drills simulating liberation of Palestine: Footage

The Yemeni Armed Forces conduct drills that simulate raiding and taking control of Israeli settlements as Sanaa prepares for war against “Israel”.

  • A snapshot of the military maneuver (Yemeni military media)

The Central Reserve Forces of the Yemeni Armed Forces conducted military drills in Sanaa under the slogan “Yemen is the Pillar Support of Palestine,” targeting supposed Israeli occupation sites and settlements in readiness and preparation for a battle against it. 

The maneuver began with artillery and missile reconnaissance on Israeli military sites and settlements, followed by raids into these locations from three different routes.

Infantry units seized control of the command and control center of the supposed enemy through a flanking operation on a fourth route. The maneuver also included setting up ambushes for the vehicles and leadership of the Zionist occupation forces, detonating their vehicles, and capturing their leaders.

On the sidelines of the maneuver, Deputy Chief of the General Staff in the Sanaa government, Major General Ali Al-Mushki said the ongoing battle “is not for political or material gains, as some are accustomed to,” indicating that the Yemeni people were ready to make sacrifices to support the people of Gaza.

“The Yemeni Armed Forces are fully prepared, determined, and committed to carrying out the directives of the revolution’s leader in support of Gaza,” Major General Al-Mushki.

He emphasized that “Yemen’s stand with Gaza stems from our religious, moral, and cultural duty, dictated by our traditions and dignity as Yemenis,” adding that “the armed forces, in all their branches, are ready to undertake any operations they are assigned.”

“The great Yemeni people are a pillar of support for the Yemeni Armed Forces in all their tasks and operations,” the senior military official added.

Yemen has for months been attacking Israeli military sites in occupied Palestine while pledging to always support Gaza through all means possible.

Just on Friday, the spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, announced that the missile force launched several missiles at Israeli military locations in Umm al-Rashrash, south of occupied Palestine, with several missiles.

Yemen stands with Gaza

Saree explained that the operation was carried out in support of the Palestinian people being subjected to aggression and blockade until this very moment.

The YAF spokesperson went on to underline the continued commitment of the Yemeni Armed Forces to carrying out their religious, moral, and humanitarian duties toward the Palestinian people.

The operation is “in response to the calls of our free Yemeni people, and the calls of all free people, from the sons of our Arab and Islamic worlds,” he said.

He also stressed that the Yemeni Armed Forces “will not hesitate to carry out more military operations” against the Israeli occupation, by land and sea, until the aggression stops and the siege is lifted on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

The US Central Command (CENTCOM) had earlier claimed that the destroyer shot down an anti-ship missile fired from Yemen toward the Red Sea and that no injuries or damage were reported

The latest Yemeni announcement nips in the bud CENTCOM’s claim and an earlier CNN report that cited four US officials as saying that a Yemeni missile came within one mile of USS Gravely before it was able to shoot it down.

The CNN report claimed that the attack on USS Gravely was the closest a YAF attack has come to a US warship in a series of attempts to hit US warships in the Red Sea. However, on January 25, YAF spokesperson Yahya Saree confirmed a confrontation with several US destroyers and warships in the Gulf of Aden and the Strait of Bab al-Mandab.

Back then, the spokesperson for the YAF confirmed that the results of the confrontation included “directly hitting an American warship and forcing two American merchant ships to retreat and return.”

The Yemeni Armed Forces employed “a number of ballistic missiles” in the operation that lasted for more than two hours, he specified, revealing that a number of these missiles reached their targets, despite the attempts of the warships to intercept them.

A result of losses against the steadfast Ansar Allah

This comes as Ansar Allah fights off genocide enablers in the Red Sea in support of Gaza. Even after Ansar Allah was listed as a terrorist organization, Yemen was not deterred. 

In response to the decision to designate the Ansar Allah as a Global Terrorist, the head of the movement’s Negotiating Envoy and top official, Mohammad Abdul-Salam said that the US has used the designation for “political purposes.”

He slammed the decision, emphasizing that it “will not deter [Yemen] from our steadfast support for the Palestinian people.”

The official underlined that the decision will have minimal to “no effectiveness on the ground,” adding that it will only “strengthen [Ansar Allah’s] commitment to supporting” Palestine.

Ansar Allah’s Politburo released a statement responding to the decision saying that the classification “is ironically amusing, coming from the global state of terrorism.” The committee said that its decision is “an honorary badge,” highlighting the group’s “supportive stance toward the Palestinian people.”

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