Hamas: UK, US aggression on Yemen incites escalations in region

Hamas has affirmed that the strikes were an attack on Yemen’s sovereignty and an escalation that would drag the region into more turmoil and instability.

  • Masked Palestinian members of the Ezz Al-Din Al Qassam brigade, the military wing of Hamas, in Gaza on Saturday, June 21, 2014 (AP)

The Palestinian Resistance movement Hamas denounced the US-UK aggression on Yemen as a breach of its sovereignty, stressing that it incites escalations that would destabilize the region further. 

Hamas affirmed that the strikes perpetrated by the United States and the United Kingdom were an attack on Yemen’s sovereignty and an escalation that would drag the region into more turmoil and instability, holding the Western countries fully accountable for the consequences that would follow. 

The Resistance also reiterated its appreciation for Yemen’s solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine, “who are being genocided by the Zionist war criminals.”

Moreover, the League of Arab States and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation advocated for a “decisive stance against US aggression that violates our Arab countries’ sovereignties, as well as taking the appropriate and practical measures to stop the Zionist aggression against Gaza, which has surpassed 120 days.”

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‘An open war’ against Yemen

Al Mayadeen’s correspondent reported on a recent American-British aggression targeting the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, and multiple governorates. This occurred concurrently with heightened aircraft activity in the airspace.

Ali al-Qahoum, a member of the political bureau of the Yemeni Ansar Allah, commented that it is “an open war, and they must bear the Yemeni strikes and responses.”

Al-Qahoum asserted on X that “Yemen has the upper hand, possessing advanced defense military capabilities and production that enable it to defend and protect Yemen’s sovereignty, independence, and security.”

He emphasized, “Yemen will persist in supporting Palestine and Gaza until the Israeli-American-British aggression ceases and the siege on Gaza is lifted.”

Al-Qahoum issued a warning to Yemen’s enemies, stating, “Days and hours are filled with surprises, and what is yet to come is even greater. And surely, you shall reap what you sow.”

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