US-UK aggression on Yemen will not go unanswered: Saree

Brigadier General Yahya Saree, the spokesperson for the Yemeni Armed Forces, discloses the distribution of the raids carried out by the American-British aggression targeting the country.

  • The spokesperson for the YAF, Brigadier General Yahya Saree. (Yemeni Armed Forces Military Media)

On Sunday at dawn, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, the spokesperson for the Yemeni Armed Forces, affirmed that, over the past hours, US-UK aggression aircraft launched 48 airstrikes across various areas in multiple Yemeni governorates.

In a statement posted on X, Saree explained that the air raids by the American-British aggression were directed at the governorates of Sanaa, Hodeidah, Taiz, al-Bayda, Hajjah, and Saada.

The 48 air raids carried out by the aggression were distributed, as outlined in a brief statement, as follows: Thirteen raids targeted the Capital Secretariat and Sanaa governorate, nine raids on the Hodeidah governorate, eleven raids on Taiz governorate.

Additionally, the al-Bayda and Hajjah governorates were each subjected to seven raids, and the aggression’s aircraft launched a single raid on Saada Governorate.

The spokesperson for the Yemeni Armed Forces emphasized that these attacks “will not go unanswered, and there will be consequences,” reaffirming Yemen’s commitment by stating that the airstrikes “will not dissuade us from our moral, religious, and humanitarian stance in solidarity with the resilient Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.”

The statement follows a recent American-British aggression on Yemen. According to Al Mayadeen‘s correspondent, there has been an attack on the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, and multiple governorates, coinciding with increased aircraft activity in the airspace.

As per our correspondent, the American and British airstrikes focused on the regions of Attan, al-Nahdin, and al-Hafa within the capital, Sanaa.

Additionally, he reported that aircraft involved in the US-British aggression conducted over 11 airstrikes on the districts of Maqbanah and Haifan situated in the western and southern outskirts of Taiz Governorate, in the southwest of Yemen.

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