Nicaragua taking Germany, Canada, UK, Netherlands to ICJ for genocide

Nicaragua issued a memorandum urging Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Canada to stop backing the Israeli occupation and supplying it with arms.

  • A view of the International Court of Justice, the United Nations’ top court (AP)

The Nicaraguan government started Monday proceedings to take Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Canada to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for their complicity in the genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza by providing the Israeli occupation with the weapons and means to carry out the horrendous act.

The executive authority in Nicaragua published an official statement in which it revealed that it warned the governments of said Western powers that they might be jointly complicit in the “flagrant and systemic violations” of the Convention on Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and international humanitarian law in the Gaza Strip. 

In its note verbal, Nicaragua urged the four states to immediately cease the provision of arms, munitions, and technologies to “Israel” because it might use them to facilitate or commit violations of the Genocide Convention in Gaza.

The memorandum underlined that the countries supporting “Israel” are obligated to cut off supplies to it “from the moment the state becomes aware of the existence of a serious risk of committing genocide.”

This has been achieved, the memorandum adds, since “the International Court of Justice issued, on January 26, a preliminary ruling in which it considered it reasonable that the Genocide Convention had been violated by Israel in Gaza.”

The court recognized the right of Palestinians in Gaza to be protected from acts of genocide, adding that the Palestinians are a protected group under the Genocide Convention.

The Court ordered “Israel” to take all measures to prevent genocide acts in Gaza, ensure its forces do not commit genocide, and take measures to improve the humanitarian situation. 
“Israel” is required to submit a report to the court within a month, detailing its actions to comply with the order. Furthermore, it must implement measures to prevent and punish direct incitement of genocide in the context of its war on Gaza.

South Africa hailed temporary measures issued by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the genocide lawsuit against “Israel” at the Hague, describing them as a “decisive victory” for the international legal system.

A French left-wing legislator praised the temporary measures, describing the verdict as “historic”, noting that it “clearly established the risk of genocide in the Gaza Strip.”

Meanwhile, the European Union stressed it expects “Israel” and Hamas to fully comply with the ICJ’s verdicts, urging the Israeli occupation to prevent crimes of genocide and do more for the protection of civilians, without mandating a ceasefire.

It urged Hamas and other Resistance factions to promptly free any captives they have.

Moreover, in a statement, the European Commission articulated that ICJ orders are “binding on the parties and they must comply with them. The European Union expects their full, immediate, and effective implementation.”

On its part, the Belgian government called on “Israel” to “fully implement” the court’s ruling.

“Belgium takes note of the order of the International Court of Justice on the request for the indication of provisional measures. We call upon Israel to fully implement the provisional measures of the Court’s order,” Prime Minister, Alexander De Croo, said in a statement on X.

De Croo said Belgium would continue to “closely follow” the proceedings by the ICJ.

“In the meantime, we call upon all parties to the conflict in Gaza to respect an immediate ceasefire, respect International Humanitarian Law, and grant permanent and unimpeded humanitarian access, for all hostages to be immediately and unconditionally released and to work towards a two-state solution,” he added.

Belgian Foreign Minister, Hadja Lahbib, said on X: “In every conflict, there are rules. International law must be respected.”

“Belgium supports the (top UN) Court and calls for the full implementation of the Court’s interim measures,” she added.

Meanwhile, Belgian Development Cooperation Minister, Caroline Gennez, also welcomed the Court rulings and urged Israel to allow “unhindered humanitarian” aid in Gaza.

“Using hunger as a weapon is a war crime,” she stressed.

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