US and UK trying to divert public attention away from Gaza: Kanaani

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanaani says that the actions of the US and the UK across the region contradict their claimed objectives of averting a regional escalation.

  • In this photo released on Aug. 11, 2022, by the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanaani speaks in Tehran, Iran. (AP)

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanaani said, on Monday, that the military activities carried out by the US and the UK across the Middle East do not align with their alleged goals of preventing a regional escalation through a spillover from the Israeli occupation’s aggression against Palestinians.

“The military actions of the United States and Britain in the region and their continued support for Israel’s warmongering are contradictory to the rhetoric and claims that they do not want to expand the war and crisis … The focal point of the crisis in the region is the continuation of Israel’s war with the support of the US and Britain against the Palestinian people, and the basic solution is to end this war crime and genocide,” Kanaani said.

According to him, the US and the UK are attempting to shift public attention away from the Gaza crisis to other regions by launching attacks on other countries in the region, such as Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. The two countries “do not have a correct understanding of international issues” because “instead of paying attention to the cause, they pay attention to the effect,” the spokesman added.

US persists in denying links between Gaza genocide, regional conflicts

A report by Responsible Statecraft detailed on Saturday that the Biden administration continues to sideline any links between the war on Gaza and the panoply of crises that have engulfed the Middle Eastern region, including in Iraq and Syria where multiple US bases have been subjected to attacks by resistance groups. 

It also continues to deny the fact that the Yemeni resistance group  Ansarallah has initiated attacks in the Red Sea over the war on Gaza and the complicity of Israeli allies in the genocide.

Instead, the White House posits that these conflicts are all distinct from one another and happen to be emerging coincidentally, contradicting evidence indicating that US support for “Israel” in the Gaza genocide has contributed to regional instability and violence in West Asia.

This includes a recent operation carried out by Iraqi resistance forces on a US base in Jordan which resulted in the deaths of three American soldiers earlier in the week.  

As obvious as it may seem, the conflict has inevitably spread to other parts of the region, yet sidelining this fact has done more of a disservice to US interests than proactively recognizing the interconnected relations of regional conflicts.

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