Pentagon official: US forces attacked 169 times in Syria, Iraq, Jordan

Since October 7, the US bases in Syria, Iraq, and Jordan have been attacked 169 times according to a Pentagon official cited by Politico.

  • US soldiers sit in a fighting vehicle in Hassakeh, Syria, Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2022. (AP)

The US forces in Iraq, Syria, and Jordan have been subjected to 169 attacks since last October according to a new report by Politico.

The report also noted that this number included 3 attacks that the forces suffered in Syria following the US strikes on Syria and Iraq last Friday.

The correspondent mentioned that one of the attacks occurred a couple of days ago, on February 3, when US forces located at sites in the Euphrates region were targeted in an attack, without any injuries or damage.

According to Politico, the second attack took place on February 4, a day after the prior one, when a drone attack targeted the al-Omar oilfield, resulting in multiple injuries among the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and significant infrastructure damage.

As for the third attack, Politico reported, it was on February 5, when a rocket was launched against US forces and coalition forces at the Euphrates site, without any injuries or damage.

Source: US strikes to have ‘grave consequences on US forces in region’

A security source of the Iranian Advisory Center in Syria affirmed that the “aggression on Iraq and Syria is a blatant violation of sovereignty and aggression on these countries’ soil,” following US strikes on several of the countries’ facilities.

In a statement to UNews, the source explicitly condemned the aggression and rejected the falsities it is based on, stressing that it will have grave consequences on the presence of US forces in the region, and will attract additional retaliation against this aggressive behavior.

The source added that the targeting of these facilities confirms that the US occupation in both countries is working for its own security interests and those of the occupation entity, which makes it an actual occupying force. It also affirms that the US must leave the region at all costs, because it has caused instability and created chaos.

It was also reasserted that the Iraqi and Syrian governments and people will not stand for any occupation or aggression on their soil, noting that the Islamic Resistance in Iraq’s decision to face the US occupation in support of Palestine will no doubt continue, stronger than before.

The source also told UNews that these strikes will not deter resistance fighters from fighting the enemy on all fronts and in all arenas, adding that the Resistance factions that defend Iraq and Syria will also defend the oppressed people of Palestine, regardless of the sacrifice. 

The source stressed that the preventive measures taken by the Resistance factions in Iraq and Syria thwarted the expected losses from the attacks. Emphasizing that the IRGC does not have any centers, bases, barracks, or facilities in Syria and Iraq, the source slammed the US claim as a well-known fallacy.

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