Sudan-Iran end a 7 year ties-break as Sudan’s FM visits Iran

Both countries have expressed their intent to cooperate and rekindle their relationship as well as their condemnation of the Israeli genocide in Gaza.

  • Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi meets Sudanese Foreign Minister Ali Al-Sadeq in Iran after 7 years of severed ties between both countries. (Irna)

Today, Sudan’s acting Foreign Minister Ali Sadeq visited Iran and met with his counterpart Hossein Amir-Abdollahian and President Ebrahim Raisi.

This is the first high-level diplomatic engagement between the two countries since severing ties in 2016 which indicates a renewed commitment to rekindling Tehran-Khartoum relations, according to Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanaani.

In addition, Iranian President Raisi affirmed the mutual intention and shared determination of both nations to strengthen bilateral relations across political, economic, and cultural aspects. 

President Raisi also emphasized the Islamic Republic of Iran and all Muslim countries’ stance against the Israeli occupation adding that the latter’s attempt to change that and create conflicting stance between Muslim countries has repeatedly failed.

He further condemned certain nations’ endeavors to normalize relations with the occupation, expressing disappointment at how some Muslim countries have turned a blind eye to its genocide in Gaza. 

Iranian Foreign Minister, Amir-Abdollahian, highlighted the opening of a new chapter in bilateral relations using the Sudanese delegation’s presence in Iran as a testament to the renewed cooperation between both countries. He also emphasized the importance of reopening embassies and rebirthing ties hoping that ambassadors will be appointed soon as well as offering to share his country’s advancement in industry, technology, engineering, medicine, and pharmaceuticals with Sudan.

Sadeq in turn confirmed the long-standing historical ties between both countries and emphasized his pleasure with the visit assuring his country’s deep desire to rebuild ties with Iran towards a future of collaborations and agreements.

Sadeq also condemned the “autocratic Zionist regime” for perpetuating crises in Sudan and stressed Sudan’s unwavering support for a free Palestine condemning the Israeli genocide in Gaza.

Iran urges Muslim countries to aid UNRWA

Spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Ministry Nasser Kanaani on January 28 condemned Israeli accusations leveled against UNRWA staffers, alleging them of involvement with the resistance operation Al-Aqsan Flood.

Kanaani stated that these charges were part of a broader scheme of Zionist efforts aimed at stifling NGO activities in the Gaza Strip.

He further said that the accusations are intended to absolve the regime from the killing of more than 150 NGO employees.

The decision to suspend UNRWA’s funding by nine Western countries, under the pretext of Zionist allegations, is deemed regrettable, Kanaani said, while also viewing it as an endorsement of Zionist war crimes that have been substantiated at the ICJ with charges of genocide.

These countries could have opted to halt their military support for the zionist regime instead of cutting humanitarian aid, he added. 

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