‘Direct Espionage Operations’ – Yemen Uncovers Spy Network Linked to US, Israel

Yemeni Major General Abdul Hakim Hashem al-Khaiwani. (Photo: video grab)

The security apparatus reported that the network gathered critical information across multiple sectors and relayed it to hostile intelligence services. 

The Yemeni Security Forces announced on Monday the discovery of a large espionage network operated by American and Israeli intelligence agencies, the Lebanese news network Al-Mayadeen reported.

Officials revealed that the network had been active within various institutions in Yemen since 2015. 

Destabilizing Yemen

In a televised statement, Major General Abdul Hakim Hashem al-Khaiwani, head of the Security and Intelligence Service, stated that “the exposed network collected important information in various fields and conducted direct espionage operations for the enemy’s intelligence services to obtain confidential, sovereign information.”

The security apparatus reported that the network gathered critical information across multiple sectors and relayed it to hostile intelligence services. 

The data collection allegedly influenced decision-makers, infiltrated state agencies, and recruited officials within the Yemeni government.

According to the official statement, the spy network aimed to destabilize Yemen’s economy through information gathering and sabotage. 

It is also blamed by the Ansarallah for damaging the agricultural sector by increasing pest infestations, thereby boosting agricultural imports and increasing Yemen’s dependence on foreign parties.

The network reportedly targeted Yemen’s public health by spreading diseases and undermining the education system by promoting moral corruption. 

Additionally, according to al-Khaiwani, the espionage network provided military intelligence to American and Israeli agencies to weaken the Yemeni security forces and diminish its capabilities.

The statement emphasized that the network supported aggression against Yemen by supplying adversaries with military information, thereby hampering the country’s military development over the past years. Sanaa announced that more details about the network and its operations would be disclosed in the coming days.

Earlier this year, in early May, members of the ‘Ammar Affash cell’ – also known as the spy group ‘Force 400’ – were arrested by Yemeni security services with support from the Ministry of Defense. Led by Ammar Affash, a long-wanted spy, the group was accused of spying for the United States and Israel.

Monitoring Military Sites

According to Yemen’s Saba News Agency, the cell members were recruited to gather information and monitor sites belonging to the Yemeni Security Forces on the western coast of Yemen. Following Yemen’s announcement of operations in support of the Palestinian people and actions against Israeli targets in the Red and Arabian seas amid US-UK aggression, increased intelligence efforts by Yemen’s enemies were detected.

Yemen successfully implemented a maritime siege against Israel, despite multiple attempts by the US, the UK, and joint naval operations to end it. Yemen expanded its operations to target Israeli occupation ports, Israeli ships, and US and British ships that aimed to hinder Yemen’s operations.

Intelligence operations directed against Yemen through Force 400 intensified after US and UK intelligence failed to discover Yemeni launch sites used to target Umm al-Rashrash (Eilat) and US and UK warships.

‘Revealed for First Time’ – Ansarallah Targets Eilat with New ‘Palestine Missile’

Al Mayadeen’s correspondent in Sanaa reported that the details of the intelligence network’s activities would be revealed gradually due to the various files it handled. 

The seized intelligence network was reportedly directly linked to Mossad and American intelligence services and was working on long-term strategic issues.

(PC, Al-Mayadeen)

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