‘Seize the Opportunity’ – World Reacts to UN Security Council Resolution on Gaza Ceasefire

UN Security Council meeting. (Photo: via UN Website)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

The UN Security Council’s adoption of a resolution supporting a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip has been welcomed by various countries as well as the European Union, with the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urging the parties to “seize this opportunity.”

The resolution, drafted by the United States, received 14 votes in favor from the 15-member Security Council on Monday, with Russia abstaining.

Guterres said on X: “I welcome the peace initiative recently outlined by Joe Biden and urge everyone to seize this opportunity and respect their obligations under international humanitarian law.”

‘Immediate, Full, Complete Ceasefire’ – UNSC Passes Resolution to End Israel’s War on Gaza

The resolution states that Israel has accepted Biden’s proposal and calls on the Palestinian Resistance movement Hamas to do the same and implement it.

Hamas responded swiftly and said it welcomed the resolution “and its emphasis on a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.”

In a statement, the movement affirmed “its readiness to cooperate with the brotherly mediators to enter into indirect negotiations regarding the implementation of these principles which are in line with the demands of our people and our resistance.”


Algeria’s UN Ambassador Amar Bendjama, the Arab representative on the council, reportedly said “This text is not perfect, but it offers a glimmer of hope to the Palestinians as the alternative is continued killing and suffering…We voted for this text to give diplomacy a chance…” He added, “It is time to halt the killing.”


“Important UN Security Council supports action plan for ceasefire,” Danish Foreign Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said on X.

He said it “Sends a strong signal that the international community agrees on a way forward, where e.g. release of the hostages, a permanent ceasefire and reconstruction of Gaza are central.”


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Tuesday called for “immediate, effective, and serious steps” to halt the war in Gaza.

The Anadolu news agency reported that in a speech at an emergency aid conference for Gaa, hosted by Jordan, Sisi demanded the implementation of international resolutions “to stop the offensive in Gaza, compel Israel to stop using starvation tactics against Palestinians, and end the siege on Gaza.”

“The unprecedented humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip is a direct responsibility of the Israeli occupation,” Sisi reportedly said.


In a statement, the Jordanian Foreign Ministry welcomed the resolution and stressed the importance of implementing the resolution as it goes in line with the rules of international law, and represents the international will in ending the war on Gaza, Anadolu reported.

It also emphasized the importance of obliging Israel to adhere to international law and humanitarian law and end its “futile” war on Gaza.

European Union

“The European Union welcomes the adoption of the UNSC resolution 2735 supporting the ceasefire proposal announced on 31 May,” Josep Borrell, the EU High Representative said in a statement.

“The EU recalls its full support to the comprehensive roadmap presented by United States President Joe Biden. We urge both parties to accept and implement the three-phase proposal.”


China’s Ambassador Fu Cong said they have voted in favour of the resolution but there needs to be a permanent ceasefire which has been at the core of the international community’s concerns.

He reportedly stressed that all Security Council resolutions are binding, and Monday’s must be no different. All resolutions have to be implemented in an efficient and constructive way, he added.


Meanwhile, Russian Ambassador and Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia said his country had abstained due to several outstanding concerns.

“From the very outset of the military escalation, we have consistently and unwaveringly advocated for the imperative for a permanent ceasefire regime, including in order to release the hostages and remedy the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip,” Nebenzia said, according to UN News.

He stressed that Russia has “a whole of host of questions about the American draft resolution, whereby the Council welcomes some deal – the ultimate outlines of which are not known to anyone perhaps except the mediators.”

Although the resolution calls on Hamas to accept the “so called deal” there is no clarity on the official agreement of Israel “as it is written in the resolution,” the UN News report said.

He questioned, “What specifically has Israel agreed to?” and said the parameters of this “deal” are “vague” and the Council should not be signing up to it.

(The Palestine Chronicle)

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